Pampett over Wi-Fi

Pampett has developed a Wi-Fi based solution with associated app to monitoring deep sleep and avoiding disturbing the sleep unnecessary

Sensors for better care

Pampett is a tool for better and more efficient care through a wireless system for detecting moisture in incontinence protection. Pampett can be used in institutional care or at private home.


- Lower healthcare costs - Less workload - Higher quality of care – Quality of life for the patient- Reduces environmental impact.

Easy to use

Pampett's system is flexible to use and the equipment is placed at the edge of the bed and records signals from an antenna under the mattress


With the help of a tablet or smartphone and Pampett's equipment one can very easily produce an individual biorhythm. An app on the tablet records when it gets wet in the incontinence pads.

For example, the information can be used to map when the resident or patient usually wakes up or normally needs to go to the toilet. Knowledge of the biorhythm makes it possible to work with preventative and individualized care. It creates values ​​both in home care and in elderly homes.

”It should be the right for all dementia sufferers to have their Bio-rhythm established so that caregivers can work preventively.”

The system is easy to use

Pampett's system is flexible and the equipment is placed at the edge of the bed and records signals from an antenna under the mattress. A small, soft Pampett sensor is pasted into the incontinence pad. When the sensor gets activated by becoming wet, information is sent to a tablet or smartphone where an icon changes color. The system compiles all the data and makes it very easy to generate an individual pattern - a biorhythm - for each individual.

Information about a person's biorhythm is collected over time and presented so that one can easily personalize the care. The graph in the picture shows one month's biorhythm from 00:00 to 22:00. The example above provides that the patient normally needs to go to the toilet at 8:30 pm and 3:00 pm

Pampett senses when an incontinence protection gets wet. A Pampett indicator is pasted into the incontinence guard.

Pampett has developed an application to present the information on a tablet or smartphone. The display shows whether the incontinence protection is dry. Green image means dry status while yellow image means that incontinence protection is wet. The green image gradually changes to yellow and when the icon turns red, the incontinence protection should be replaced.

Other benefits besides better sleep

Because Pampett detects and generates information, the patient does not need to be disturbed unnecessarily during the night or lie unnecessarily long time in wet incontinence protection. The staff can work preventively and individually. Pampett also minimizes the risk of leakage and avoids many changes of bedding
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